Dr. Auset Maryam
Founder & Executive Director 

Mama Auset is a board certicifed holistic health practitioner, from ALOP. With an emphasis on holistic and indigenous methods of psychology, her approach to every aspect of life is to purge, learn, heal, grow, and trust the process. Mama Auset is an Educational Leadership Canidate with High Tech High. She intends to receive a Juris Doctorate or another Doctorate from an HBCU.  

As a trusted community leader, Mama Auset is the Head Consultant of Healer Auset Maryam and has developed individual, couple, family, and whole community programs and curriculum that have graduated many successful leaders. She is also the CEO of Organizational Equity Solutions, a consulting firm committed to aiding education, businesses, organizations, and start-ups in being equitable to who they hire and who they serve.

VPAC SERVICE: Mama Auset is the visionary and leader of the VPAC vision, mission, principles, programming, and execution. As the leader of the Executive Team, she will assure as the VPAC network of independent schools expand, all executive expectations are met to implement. She answers directly to the Board of Directors.


Mama Auset is a proud fellow/participant of:

Sacred Woman ,Family Leadership Training Institute 2015-2016
Mental Health First Aid Adult 2016,Mental Health First Aid Youth/Child 2016, HAART 2017,Chakra Healing 2012
Moonshot 2017, 4.0 Schools 2018,Camelback 2018,New School Venture 2018-2020, Emerge 2019, High Tech High 2020

EEC African American Psychologist Association 2021
HTH GSE 2021


VPAC SERVICE: Mama Maru guides the alignment of VPAC watoto programming from 8week-5th grade. As an Executive Team Member, she will assure as the VPAC network of independent schools expand, all ECE and Primary School Principals are coached and lead in the VPAC Educational Model.

Dr. Maru Garcia,Associate Director of Primary School

Maru has a Bachelor’s in Art from UNAM in Mexico City, a Master’s in Education from Regis University, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from University of Charleston, West Virginia.  Maru owns a small business Early Childhood Hourly Teachers which supports childcare centers in Colorado with their staffing needs. She is also dedicated to acting and directing with diverse theater companies in Colorado and she is currently the Artistic Director and Executive Producer for Wheat Ridge Theatre Company.


Dr. Thomas Bouknight, Associate Director of Secondary School

Baba Bouknight holds Juris Doctorate, from Texas Southern; a Master of Arts in Education for Curriculum and Instruction Design and a Master of Arts in Coaching and Athletic Administration, both from Concordia University; A Master of Arts in Education Technology; and a Bachelor of Arts in political science 
Certifications: Mid Management Administrator PreK-12; Elementary Self Contained 1-8;

Elementary History 1-8

Certification Programs: Graduate Studies/ Mid-Management
Elementary Education Certification (Texas Southern University)



VPAC SERVICE: Baba Bouknight guides the alignment of VPAC watoto programming from 6th-12th grade. As an Executive Team Member, he will assure as the VPAC network of independent schools expand, all Secondary School Principals are coached and lead in the VPAC Educational Model.

Danielle Clemons
Associate Director of Operations

Mama Clemons holds degrees in ECE, Elementary Ed., and English Literature & Language from the University of Tulsa. For 30 years, Mama Clemons has worked with infants to college students. Her experience includes supervisor, administrator and educator, an educational consultant, Infant Nursery Supervisor, Toddler Teacher, Preschool Teacher, Early Elementary Programming Director,  Curriculum Specialist for a before/ after school care program, and Math Support for Integrated Math One through Three.



VPAC SERVICE: Mama Clemons guides the VPAC operations and community engagement. As an Executive Team Member, she will assure as the VPAC network of independent schools expand, all business operations and community engagement strategies are aligned to the VPAC Educational Model. 

Associate Director of Finance

Do YOU have experience in school finance? Are you also mission aligned and want to build the new network of schools? Are you ready to see every dollar follow the student and be apart of an organization and school that is 100% transparent and guided by the community it serves? Send CV and resume. 



VPAC SERVICE: YOU will guide the alignment of VPAC financial transparency, stability, and reporting to ensure the financial health of our network. As an Executive Team Member, you will assure as the VPAC network of independent schools expand, all strategic planning for financial sustainability is met, shared, and productive.


Jaye Comier
Del "Uncle Henn" Paschel
Dr. Oya Ma'at
Vincent Jones
German Maestro
VPAC Board meetings are every second Saturday of the month at 12pm MST 



Time: Aug 14, 2021 12:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Every month on the Second Sat, until Dec 11, 2021, 5 occurrence(s)

     Aug 14, 2021 12:00 PM

    Sep 11, 2021 12:00 PM

 Oct 16, 2021 12:00 PM

    Nov 13, 2021 12:00 PM

    Dec 11, 2021 12:00 PM


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