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VPAC Educational Model 
VPAC Utoto

Approach for Preschool-5th Grade Watoto's. 

VPAC Utoto will provide students with knowledge regarding practical and academic skills which will help them succeed in their future academic life and beyond.


Our unique curriculum provides our students with elements that will make learning fun and engaging. At VPAC Utoto, students guide the learning process by completing, participating, and launching diverse artistic and scientific projects.

Students progress at their own pace regarding academic skills while being supported by their teachers and the community. 


At VPAC Utoto the teachers stay with the same group of students from preschool to the end of 1st grade and from 2nd to 5th grade which provides students and teachers the great opportunity to create an atmosphere of trust and love through the years they are together.


During their elementary school years, students explore different art disciplines, diverse sports, and different aspects of practical life while advancing their understanding of sustainability, nature, and the environment as well as participating in activities supporting the community.

A day at VPAC Utoto

During the day at VPAC Utoto, students and teachers will go on a continuous journey of discovery regarding diverse academic subjects such as science and social studies.


Teachers will plan their lessons around the interests expressed by the children.  These lessons will support their progress in literacy and math as these subjects will be embedded in what the students propose as the general theme.

From Preschool to 1st grade, students will explore the Universe, the Earth, the Continents, the Dinosaurs, and the Flora and Fauna.  They will be encouraged to create artistic projects which include theater, dance, music, painting, and sculpture as well as explore different physical activities such as jump rope, hula hoops, yoga, martial arts, soccer, and gymnastics. 


Their understanding of gardening and animal care will continue during these years as well as practical life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and organizing.


Nature walks will continue to be an important part of their day as well as circle time.

From 2nd grade to 5th. grade, students will study the different continents in-depth, one each year (two on 2nd grade). 


They will learn the location, the history, their cultures, as well as the animals and plants belonging to each one of the continents.


Literacy and math will continue to evolve as they start reading chapter books both fiction and non-fiction, understanding and applying the grammatic rules, and practicing all four master equations starting from adding and subtracting in 2nd grade to dividing in 4th grade and mastering all 4 equations and solving math problems by 5th. grade.

Art will continue to be an integral part of the program in all of its modalities.


Students will explore baseball, volleyball, basketball, and frisbee as they go on their journey from 2nd to 5th. grade.

Cooking will continue to evolve and knitting and sewing will be introduced.

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