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VPAC Services


VPAC recognizes that in order to heal and shift the communities we operate in, we must serve them in holistic ways that create the platform needed for equity to be realized. VPAC services have been organically created to meet the demand of youth who identified the gaps to be filled. 



Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging (JEDIB) implementation or training from a student, family and community led lens to aid in ensuring access and exposure is provided to underserved demographics. 

Collaborative Services

In the spirit of VILLAGE, VPAC partners with many other service providers and organizations to offer full wrap around services. As an institution we offer many educational, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Anti-racist & Anti-Black

Providing a full platform for JEDIB and anti-racist work to be void of anti-Black undertones and intentions. Anti-Blackness is rampant in JEDIB work and as the lowest caste in systems, to serve Black populations well ensure you serve everyone well. 

Community Mediation

Using indigenous practices for healing familial and community relationships, VPAC creates safe environments for full reconciliation processes to purge and process with focus on productivity and healing for forward movement. 

Student/Family Advocacy

When a student is experiencing injustice or unfair treatment and may not have the tools and resources, VPAC will serve as an advocate. From IEP's to discipline, if a student or family needs support, VPAC will show up in full support.

Angel Parents and Family

VPAC has established a healing space for students who have lost parents and family members. With different efforts for parental, family, victims of violence and natural causes, VPAC provides resources and circles for survivors.


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