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Statement: Elevate students rooted in authentic cultural and natural learning to continue, complete, & compete in the world.


Statement: Develop lifelong learners through "A" Projects that enrich their authentic whole selves to be liberated of racism and systemic oppression.


VPAC is built on the 3 C’s to fuel students to take ownership of their educational experience through access, guidance, and training that will catapult them into success.

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  • Continue a VPAC educational experience to expand, perfect and display what they have received through the VPAC.

  • Complete and master self-direction and self-expectations to be competent and confident in demonstration of comprehension and mastery by receiving a high school diploma. 

  • Compete in college and the workforce industries that will recognize the authentic talents and cultural gifts brought by VPAC students. VPAC will fuel students to take ownership of their education and craft to demonstrate the 3 C’s.

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Key Programmatic Features
Systematic Truth Learning Method (STLM)

Systematic Truth Learning Method is where facilitators relate to students of color by being transparent about the educational systematic disparities and oppressions that students inherently sense and feel but may not be able to articulate. STLM validates the often, unspoken feeling that students of color feel from facilitators because of biases and implications often unintentional yet very impactful in a harmful way.

Rigorous Inquiry and Competency-Based Education  

VPAC will use projects to introduce inquiry-based learning. Grounded in inquiry-based methods, students will mature into competency project-based learning. With efficiency proven throughout the school year, projects will be produced.

Culturally Relevant Education

VPAC will prepare students for future success in college and career. Self-directed project-based approaches that embrace inquiry and competency-based learning support and nurture natural genius.

Intentional and Strategic Partnerships
Talk the talk.....Walk the Walk

Since 2020, VPAC has implemented an internal partnership process that protects, promotes, and vows to operate in integrity void of practices and behaviors that produce harmful results for students and families. An MOU is established during the first phase of the process and is called project partnership. This is where it is determined rather or not both organizations are mission and vision aligned and to nurture an authentic relationship and trust between both leadership teams. VPAC is engaged in project partnerships with other organizations and the goal is that they lead to the second phase of intentional and strategic partnership. As the fourth intentional and strategic partnership that has collaborated in this process, genuine trust and alignment are the foundation. Some highlights of intentional and strategic partnerships is the VILLAGE concept aligns with partners core values, we are strategic in growth and movement together, we operate with the students and families in mind FIRST, and we refuse to not execute actual support to one another only in an asset mindset. 

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