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High School

VPAC Educational Model
VPAC Vijana

Approach for High School 9th-12th Grade Watoto's. 

VPAC Vijana is a continuation to provide access to students to embrace and build on the incorporation of 21st Century skills that they acquired in Middle School as VPAC Kijana. There will be an emphasis on entrepreneurship and financial literacy as well. 


In a continuation of those 13 skills, VPAC infuses the 4 C's that are executed with the 3 C's leading. Our unique curriculum provides our students with elements that will make learning fun and engaging. VPAC Vijana, students guide the learning process by completing, participating, and launching diverse artistic and scientific projects. Students progress through competency, not compliance, in regard to academic skills while being supported by their teachers, families, and the community. 

Each 21st Century skill is broken into one of three categories:

  1. Arts skills: remaining creative, adaptive, and curious

  2. Learning skills: teaches students about the mental processes required to adapt and improve upon a modern work environment

  3. Literacy skills: focus on how students can discern facts, publishing outlets, and the technology behind them. There’s a strong focus on determining trustworthy sources and factual information.

  4. Life skills: take a look at intangible elements of a student’s everyday life. These intangibles focus on both personal and professional qualities. FLIPS (FLexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, and Social Skills)

The 4 C's of 21st Century Skills are:

  • Critical thinking: Finding solutions to problems

  • Creativity: Thinking outside the box

  • Collaboration: Working with others

  • Communication: Talking to others

This is executed with the VPAC 3 C's leading. Continuing the educational experience through VPAC, Completing the VPAC experience, and Competing in the world.


At VPAC Vijana the Intermediate level teachers loop for 9th and 10th grade. They will hone students in on their interest and ensure the foundational skills and tools are accessible to demonstrate competency and maturate to Mastery level.


11th and 12th grade Mastery level will have access to workforce development, internship, life credits, and continued college readiness. 


Starting in Middle School VPAC Watoto are introduced to their required Capstone project that must be completed in order to graduate. Each student will have a full graduation portfolio that will include:







-UNPACK ME Project

A day at VPAC Vijana

During the day at VPAC Vijana, students and teachers will uphold a consistent schedule that supports and nurtures adequate time for natural learning to continue while meeting the academic expectations and project-based learning to catapult and prepare students for success. 


Teachers will instruct the academic core curriculum to meet and exceed standards through project-based student demonstration. The academic subjects of math, science, social studies, and ELA are designed to ensure that all students can compete in the world with their peers. Teachers plan their lessons around the subject.  All of the academics are integrated into all of the "A" Project subjects. 

In 9th and 10th grade, students will be at the Intermediate level in all subjects. They will be supported by given access to the tools and skills to master the foundation of subjects and build in their VPAC Capstone while preparing for Mastery Level. 

From 11th and 12th grade, students will be focused on preparing to graduate and complete the VPAC Capstone Teachers will encourage students to continue to obtain internships, obtain work in the field, produce, and hand-on project-based learning that aligns with college readiness. 

Students will graduate from VPAC and continue to receive support for four years.

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