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Babies in Playroom

Child Care Center

VPAC Educational Model
VPAC Mtoto
(baby, child)

Approach for 8-weeks through 4-year-old Watoto's.

At VPAC Watoto we are committed to supporting the growth and development of young children (8 weeks to 3 years old) through a personalized approach to each child’s specific needs.  Our deep understanding of different approaches to Early Childhood Education provides VPAC Watoto with the tools to support the individuality and personality of each baby, toddler, and preschooler who attends the center.

We firmly believe that young students thrive when they are surrounded by loving teachers who understand the value and uniqueness of each one of the children under their care.  Through art, play, and nature our teachers will encourage the development of each child so they can reach the different developmental milestones.

What makes us unique:

  • Teachers stay with the same group of children from infants to 3 years old and from 4 years old to the end of 1st grade

  • Natural materials in the classroom

  • Exploration of natural environments which include gardening and caring for animals

  • Low ratios per group

  • Exploration of art and sports starting at an early age

  • Practical life activities such as cooking and sewing

  • Nutritious and balanced food

  • Diverse and Inclusive environment

A day at VPAC Mtoto

During the day children will be able to explore their classroom environment and choose from different activities.  The classroom will include all the centers typically used in a play-based environment such as blocks, art, books, literacy, technology, sensory table, and dramatic play.  These centers will contain natural materials which will be gathered and displayed purposefully depending on the interests of the classroom and the age of the children.

In addition to exploring the class, the children will participate and help in everyday routines such as preparing snacks and food, setting up the table, cleaning, watering the plants, and taking care of the animals if the classroom has a pet.

Music will be encouraged and taught as part of the everyday interaction between the children and the teachers as well as circle time with books and stories.


Children will go out on nature walks every day (including Winter) so they can experience the change in the weather and in the vegetation.  This daily activity will encourage their sense of discovery and wonder.

Young children (including babies) will play in a playground created by natural environments.  They will have an opportunity to garden and grow vegetables and flowers.


Depending on the age of the child, they will have naps and rest time so they can recharge.  Sleep is an important part of growing and it will be encouraged during the day.  

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